8/13 tongue -
You can taste it only by looking at it, with the memory of tasting buds

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Why does a person understand a thing differently from another?
Why does it turn to something else after years?
Sometimes when I see things, it's not just they changed. It's the filter in my mind, the priority I set based on experience, the elements around it changed, or affected.
Talking about medium might be a start to pay attention to the relationship between details and entirety, subjectivity and objectivity.

What's the shape of glass you're bringing with you today?

  • 8/1 Not only broken glass can bring tension

  • 8/2 Illustrating a place from every single shade

  • 8/3 Regardless of its physical properties, water is never truly clear. Not just the reflection, it's also tinted by intangible emotions.

  • 8/4 It's like scratching a riddle, the ray of light painted a nebula

  • 8/5 Always preparing oneself is not just for any disappointment, it's also for opportunities.

  • 8/6 Climbing or falling, rising or declining, even swirling, this is stairs' versatility in visual expression

  • 8/7 Sometimes these outdoor candles fascinate me. They reflect light during the day and become the source at night. We may create some solar power candles.

  • 8/8 One climbs mountains. One passes greens.

  • 8/9 I like seeing things challenging stereotypes - why the ancient greek statue is placed among leaves, why not. Anything may not be anywhere, but seeing them across "border" is just making every mind better.

  • 8/10 color as medium - It's not just filtering the ray from a bulb, it's also defining the tone of the environment.

  • 8/11 ware- every pattern/material matters

  • 8/12 It's like a part that built out of the wall. Flooring it with glass so you can have a skydeck

  • 8/13 tongue - You can taste it only by looking at it, with the memory of tasting buds

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